Fit City Guide: San Francisco, California

Posted on November 15, 2016

Each year, the American College of Sports Medicine releases the American Fitness Index reporting on how people in the top fifty metropolitan areas in the United States live. We reached out to unique businesses in each of the top five rated cities across the country. Read on to learn about what an active lifestyle looks like in fifth-ranked San Francisco, California.

Overall Rank: 5

Overall Score: 69.3

Personal Health Rank: 3

Community Health Rank: 17

Kokoda’s unique Mobile Fitness Vehicle offers a great new way to train. They provide multiple training styles and a lot of the equipment you would normally see inside a gym like rowing machines, kettle bells, dumbbells and plyometrics equipment, but instead of seeing the walls of a gym, you have the Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop. As Kokoda says, “There is no better squat rack view in the city!”

Nathan of Kokoda Fitness says, “I’m not surprised that San Francisco constantly ranks highly as one of the fittest cities in the US. It is definitely embedded in the culture here. I think the year-round temperate weather helps, and people from San Francisco seem to understand the importance of a balanced and healthy lifestyle which leads them to all forms of sport and fitness.”

Where You Can Find It: Golden Gate National Recreation Area