The Comprehensive Fitness Plan

Posted on January 19, 2016
Kokodafit training camp

Happy New Year, Kokoda friends! You’ve already made your New Year’s Resolutions, and best bet is that you’ve made one that concerns your overall health and fitness.  What we want to know is if you’ve given yourself a comprehensive fitness plan to make these resolutions happen.

The fitness plan

The fitness plan we are talking about is the kind that includes all elements of fitness including strength, endurance, cardiovascular fitness, and flexibility.  It’s too often someone gets excited about getting fit, and focuses on only one element of fitness without tending to the others.  Hitting the gym and working on strength won’t get you half as far unless you’ve got the flexibility to help give your body the range of motion that it needs to perform each exercise properly.  When it comes to making a plan, understanding how important a balanced program can be is absolutely vital when it comes to your overall health.


Also getting serious and committing to your plan is always easier said than done, but you won’t see any positive changes unless you really want it.  Make a comprehensive fitness plan that’s intended for longer than the typical three weeks of motivation that a New Year can sometimes give us.  A great way to make a long term fitness program is to make sure that you’re giving your body what it needs to stay the course.  That means you start off with realistic objectives when making your plan, fuel your body with the proper nutrition that it’ll demand from workouts, get plenty of sound sleep, and schedule workouts wisely to make sure you’re giving yourself the opportunity to be consistent with your program. It’s 2016, folks. Make a plan and mean it!

Are you still unsure?

If you still feel like you’re unsure about where to start or  you know that you’re going to need some help keeping up with your plan, let Kokoda help.  We’re happy to set you up for success with anyone of our fitness programs, whether that be our personal training program where we offer fitness assessments, help you plan your own personal fitness program, review your nutrition, and monitor your performance throughout to keep you going strong OR our functional fitness program where we keep you on your toes using all elements of fitness to keep you in shape.  Whether you need a hand in creating or maintaining a plan, Kokoda is here for you.

If you’re serious about getting fit, a comprehensive fitness plan may just become your best friend this new year.  Don’t worry, we won’t get jealous.