Warm Up, Roll Out

Posted on October 20, 2015
Kokodafit training v6

How do we keep our bodies warm?

Cold weather is just around the corner.  That means that we need to be even more patient for our bodies before and after workouts.  It’s important to understand that it takes longer for our bodies to warm up and that we also need more time to recover when the weather starts to creep into more extreme temperatures.

Of course for most of us, especially in beautiful California, the cold won’t be too harsh for a while, but giving your body an extra few minutes to warm up before you start killing it in your workout is always good practice (especially if you’re breaking a sweat outdoors!).

Use of a roller

What is also good practice is using the roller.  We’ve talked about rolling out before, and we’re going to talk about it again because it’s that much more important during the colder parts of the year when our muscles have an even greater tendency to stiffen up, tighten up, and lose their elasticity.  Health Magazine wrote a cool article on different types of rollers for different purposes.  If you’ve got the money, go ahead and splurge.  Just don’t forget that a PVC pipe, tennis and/or lacrosse ball can also do wonders to tight muscles in a less fancy and inexpensive manner.

Winter is coming.  Keep calm and roll on, my friends, roll on.