Why Stretch?

Posted on June 3, 2015
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Stretching benefits our bodies in so many ways and yet even some of the most active athletes have a tendency to neglect that part of their workout routine.  (Yes, stretching should always be a part of the routine!)  So why stretch?  Well, Men’s Fitness gets right to the point in their article, “Stretch or Die,” by Rob Sulaver. He says, “The bottom line is, if you want to stay pain- and injury- free, having a strong body is only part of that battle.  Having a mobile body is essential.”

The importance of post-workout stretch

It’s easy after a hard workout to feel like you’ve earned the immediate right to a shower, but don’t let yourself skip out on your post-workout stretches or else you will be putting your body at risk.   Remember that the best way to deal with injury is to do everything you can to avoid it, which is just one benefit of stretching.  Prevention is the answer, and it all starts with disciplined stretching.

Sulaver understands that although you might be a beast when doing squats and dead-lifts, you might be a beginner when it comes to touching your toes.  For starters, he recommends a consistent warm up routine to properly loosen up muscles before a work out, targeting the tightest areas of your body to stretch when your time is limited, and picking up a yoga class once a week.

And remember that just like in strength training, consistency is key.   Practice makes progress, and progress—in this case—makes for a healthier, fitter (and injury-free!) body.