Are you wondering what to expect??

Group training sessions

Group training sessions are designed to train your Muscular Strength and Endurance, Cardiovascular Performance, Flexibility, Balance, Stamina + Power. An average training session comprises of a warm up (10-15 mins) technique session followed by a related workout. All training sessions can be scaled to suit a variety of fitness levels + ages for both men and women.

We recommend you bring a bottle of water, a towel and a positive attitude. Most training locations have a rest room located nearby. No shower facilities are offered. Notify your coach if you have a current or recurring injury or medical condition prior to your session. Bring any relevant medication (i.e Asthma Puffer, Epi Pen).


  • Kokoda is an ego free environment!
  • Be on time and come ready to train
  • If you use it, you pack it away
  • Always treat others as you expect to be treated
  • Respect the equipment – if you sweat, bleed, puke and/or cry on something, please wipe it down
  • Encourage each other, but always listen to the instructions given by your coach
  • Train smart + always work within your capabilities
  • Grunting is allowed
  • We are a pet friendly Gym
  • Always give 100%
  • Enjoy yourself