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Sweat SF: Everything You Need To Know About Kokoda Fitness

7x7 15/10/2016

“I hope you didn’t wear your favorite Lulu pants, because we are going to get dirty,” Nathan justifiably warned as the sun peaked over the Palace of Fine Arts at 7am on Chrissy Field’s East Beach. After the one-hour military inspired workout, I found dirt in my belly button. I take that as evidence that I really committed to my burpees. All thirty-six of them. Australian-native Nathan Amy launched Kokoda Fitness in 2013 after three years of planning. The workouts draw upon his 11 years of military service, during which he was charged with training soldiers to stay “battle fit.”  The workout’s namesake, Kokoda, pays homage to a campaign in the Pacific Theatre during World War II. It may have helped that we recently saw American Sniper, but you do have a unique feeling of heroic achievement after hauling in a 30-foot rope, hand over hand, throwing it over your shoulder…

The Best Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Crossfit, Bootcamps + More

7x7 10/11/2016

You've heard the saying "beauty is pain," right? Now make it true with these fat-busting workouts. Mind and Body Workout @ Lifted   A 90-minute workout at the recently opened Lifted, will leave both your mind and body sore for days. Lifted's intimate classes combine guided meditation with challenging strength training exercises for six-pack abs and a chiseled mind. —Erica McGuire // Mind and Body Workout ($75) at Lifted, 600 14th St. (Castro),becomelifted.com Non-Impact Workout @ RowClub Find a “cox" and jump on your “erg!" Engage your quads, back and core in RowClub's non-impact 30-minute workouts led by co-founder Johan Quie and his Team USA instructors. Tucked away on Belden Street, the high-intensity interval training classes will leave you convinced you missed rowing stardom in the Ivy League. —E.M. // Non-impact 30-minute workout (first class is free) at RowClub, 47 Belden St. (FiDi), rowclub.com Pilates Apparatus Classes @ Maiden Lane…

Kokoda Fitness Pump it up


Don't look now, but the gluttonous feast known as Thanksgiving is fast approaching. Feel justified in your third helping of mashed potatoes by doing a few boot camps with Kokoda Fitness. Head to Crissy Field, where Aussie founder and instructor Nathan Amy brings the fun, the equipment and the energy. Gulp in the crisp Bay air during workouts that have different focuses — cardio, strength, functional fitness with HIIT — so you never get bored. If you prefer one-on-one sessions, Kokoda will set you up with a personal trainer. And if you want to rally your coworkers around something other than the occasional birthday cake, Nathan leads corporate fitness programs and team-building events. Information WHAT An outdoor group fitness class that also offers personal training and corporate wellness. WHY There's no room for guilt during the holidays. WHERE Crissy Field, The Marina WHEN See schedule online.

Fit City Guide: San Francisco, California

Mindbody Online 15/11/2016

Each year, the American College of Sports Medicine releases the American Fitness Index reporting on how people in the top fifty metropolitan areas in the United States live. We reached out to unique businesses in each of the top five rated cities across the country. Read on to learn about what an active lifestyle looks like in fifth-ranked San Francisco, California. Overall Rank: 5 Overall Score: 69.3 Personal Health Rank: 3 Community Health Rank: 17 Kokoda’s unique Mobile Fitness Vehicle offers a great new way to train. They provide multiple training styles and a lot of the equipment you would normally see inside a gym like rowing machines, kettle bells, dumbbells and plyometrics equipment, but instead of seeing the walls of a gym, you have the Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop. As Kokoda says, “There is no better squat rack view in the city!” Nathan of Kokoda Fitness says,…